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It All Starts With Purpose

What drives us? Is it a mission, a purpose or a life that we are living that is someone else’s? I remember once a person told me that they wanted to live vicariously through me. Why? Trust me my life is not that exciting. We have become dependent on how others live yet we are all the captains of our own ships. We have become dependent on the drama and problems of others to escape our own. Reality TV provides us our escape. However we cannot escape our problems and it all starts with us. Problems are the biggest addiction of society today. Society shows us the finished product; we do not see the countless hours one commits to his or her craft. As Tony Robbins stated “People are rewarded in public what they practice in private’ Look at Odell Beckham Jr., the electrifying wide receiver from the New York Giants. In 2014, he made that ridiculous one-handed catch against the Dallas Cowboys. What we do not see is all the work that Beckam puts in, his practice, his routine and his commitment. The hours, commitment belief and his purpose to be the best wide receiver in the NFL. Since “the catch” have you noticed the amount of receivers making one handed catches in 2015? It is like Roger Bannister when he ran the sub 4-minute mile. Once Bannister accomplished it, others followed. The difference between being exceptional and mundane is the purpose, belief and commitment to one’s craft or calling. Purpose is stronger than outcome, find your purpose and believe that your purpose will carry you and you will be able to conquer any obstacle. How do you find your purpose? Sometimes it is not simple but lets give this a try. Start by writing the things down that you are passionate about, the things that make you feel alive. Then write down a statement of purpose, two or three sentences that encompass that feeling of passion and being alive. Then as silly as this sounds say it out loud and with conviction. This will help you activate that purpose within yourself. A person without a purpose is akin to a rudderless boat. Purpose will give you direction. What do you do once you have your purpose and the belief that is what your meant to do. Act on your purpose and be excellent!!!!

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